Link Building 101

Link building is a popular search engine optimization (SEO) technique as much of the algorithm of search engines are centered on links and link-related factors.

Links building is everything in search engine optimization but it is one of the important driving forces behind a successful internet marketing campaign.

Types of Links According To Uses

Links have many uses. Here are the top link-building types according to uses:

1. Links that generate traffic

The main goal of these links is to generate more traffic into your website. These links do not necessarily help increase your website rankings but they expose your site on pages that have higher traffic than yours. Traffic generating links come in different forms – banner ads, text links, forum posts, social mentions, blog comments, popular directories, and more.

2. SEO-related links

seo linksThese links help increase your rankings in the search engine result pages or SERP. The key to doing this is to get a “dofollow” links on relevant pages using the targeted keywords as an anchor text. So, if you want to rank higher for fashion accessories, use “fashion accessories” as your anchor text.

3. Links that build your company reputation

If you want to improve your company’s overall online presence and reputation, it is best to create reputation building links. These links are not just built to your website or blog but also to your social media accounts and other affiliations. The point of these links is to bring positive information about you and your brand in the search results.

Types of Link Building Practices

There are two types of link-building practices – white hat and black hat. White hat linking uses techniques that are comply with the rules of search engines such back linking. White hat linking is the ethical way to build links and it is usually practiced by website owners who want to make a long term results.

link building types

Black hat linking on the other hand refers to the aggressive use of linking strategies that focuses only on search engines and not on real human audience. These techniques include hidden links, link farms, URL hijacking, and spamming links on social networking sites. Black hat linking techniques may yield quick and short-term results but these results do not last for a long time as these techniques can lead to Google penalties. This means that your website may be banned from search engines like Google in the long run. Black hat linking works but it is risky.

Linking Tips

To build links that effectively raise your website ranking and traffic, here are some of the link building tips that you can use:


• Link Request

Ask another website owner to link back to your site. But, make sure that you are tapping reputable and popular sites that contain useful and valuable content that’s related to your niche.

• Social Links

Build links to your website by posting blog comments, answering questions that are related to your niche, and by posting sensible comments on forums. You can also link your website on your social media profiles such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Twitter allows you to put links on the Bio and Web field of your profile so make sure to take advantage of this.

• Directories

There are hundreds of directories that allow you to create a link and listing for free. But, make sure to choose a reputable directory that actually helps you reach your target market.

• Guest Blogging

This link building technique has many benefits. It helps increase your website traffic and your website’s ranking in search engine result pages. But, more than that, it allows you to position yourself as an industry expert.

When writing a guest blog, make sure that your article is related to your niche. Also, take time to read other guest blogs to find out how many links you are allow to have and where to place it. Also, make sure that your article is well-written, informative, and valuable to the readers.

• Q and A Websites

You can build links on Q and A websites like Yahoo Answers, LinkedIn Answers, and Quota. This helps drive traffic to your site and helps you position yourself as an industry authority at the same time.

• Email Links

This is one of the classic and yet effective link building techniques. Simply add a link to your website on your email signature.

Hire A Link Building Expert

To reap the maximum SEO benefits from links, it is best to hire a linking expert. If you want to increase your SEO rankings and improve your company’s online presence. Our team of experts can help increase your website traffic and leads.

5 Red Flags to Watch Out for When Hiring an SEO Service Provider

SEO marketing is an investment that websites really have to spend for if they want to lead the competition and increase their profit. The question is, are you spending for an SEO service properly?

seoNot all promises can be trusted and not all ideal results can be achieved because like you, your direct competitors and thousands of websites more in the same niche also spend their money the best way they can for a higher search engine page ranking. The best you can do is to make sure that you get the best SEO service provider by avoiding these five red flags.

1.The company focuses on website redesigning

Website redesigning is an essential part of attraction marketing and content management. This is done to maximize the creative aspect in pulling more visitors and making your website look more professional.

However, redesigning is the least of your concern if your contents are not search engine optimized in the first place. There is also off-page optimization that you have to solve first before focusing on the website design.

What separates SEO specialists from graphic designers is their grasp of marketing that integrates creativity. If you will fail to take advantage of that, then might as well hire a freelance graphic designer and have your website undergo a makeover.

2.The company authorizes black hat SEO

Black hat SEO is the unethical practice of bypassing crawlers and search engine algorithms to trick them into giving a website a higher ranking. It is comprised of manipulative tactics that render reputation and relevance useless in gauging page rankings.Black hat SEO makes the job of SEO companies easier while all the risks fall to the website owner.

At first, it can give you results by attracting more visitors, but if your SEO service provider is smart, Google and other bigger search engines are smarter. It is just a matter of time before your black hat tricks are discovered. You can be flagged or worst, blacklisted for that.

Some black hat SEO tactics to say no to are cloaking, doorway pages, interlinking and spamming.

3.The company promises to put you on top of search engines

Nobody can guarantee a page rank because online movements and internet marketing tactics change everyday. Other websites are also pushing hard with their online marketing plans, probably better than you do. Your startup website might gain a huge boost in the SERPs, but remember that there will always be more established websites in your niche.

Nevertheless, an SEO company can guarantee increased traffic and subsequently, higher conversion rate for bigger profit. For as long as you are getting the market you need, it will still give lucrative results.

It is not impossible to reach the top, but it does not happen in an instant. It will also depend in the competition in your very specific niche. There are external factors to consider other than your own website.

4.The company wants to start from scratch

Some companies prefer to start from scratch by giving websites a major overhaul. It is easier for them to execute their SEO marketing plans if they have complete control over your contents and website structure.

However, that is only advisable for new websites and not for existing ones that already have followers and established inbound links. Relevance and reputation build up over time. By taking out your existing content in the SEO marketing plan, your relevance and reputation might also suffer, creating more problems in the future.

5.The company has your direct competitors as clients

Say no to conflict of interest. For your own security (especially if you are the smaller client), do not hire an SEO service provider that also works for your direct competitor. You cannot put too much trust.

4 Things A Professional SEO Service Can Do For You That You Cannot Do Consistently

analyzeThere comes a point in the life cycle of every website where the need for marketing grows into something that is absolute. Sure, you could set up your own marketing strategy at first, but if you aren’t careful, you could get bogged down with so much work that you will end up losing market share instead of gaining. If you want to chase the proper glory of internet marketing, you need to hire a professional SEO service. Don’t just go with any option, make sure that you understand the 4 things you need them to do for you. With the following 4 things, you will gain serious traffic and will see that your site gets into more faces than ever before. If you’re not sure how this is going to work, then consider a few elements below and see how it fits for your website today.

Building Viral Content

The very first thing that you will get as a result of hiring the right firm is simple, you will gain content. Content marketing is a huge part of the SEO world. If you are not building good viral content, you will be left behind fast. This doesn’t just mean video, it means audio, images, graphics, and text. All these things work together to help promote your businesses website. Without this in place, you are going to have a hard time meeting the demands of today’s global internet audience. Building simple content on your own can help, but you’re going to need to push the numbers to all new levels. Professionals will trump what you can do by having a team involved in the process, instead of just “one” person.

Finding Keywords

You could use a lot of free keyword tools online. However, you will need to do more than just use and isolate a few words. You will need to utilize a ton of words and some of them you will not think about at first glance. You need to think about keywords and then think about synonyms that will help complement them as well as add long tail options that are padded for maximum reach. This ends up becoming a headache inducing solution that most people just aren’t ready to move forward with. However, when looking at a SEO firm, they will offer to get you the right keywords and not only that, they will use them to build your site’s marketing strategy for the greater good moving forward.

Assign PPC

design PPCWhen you are doing your own marketing, you may not know how to properly divide your budget within the realms of PPC marketing. This is an advertising source that you will need to chase with care. If you do it wrong, you could send a flood of traffic to your page that doesn’t convert at all. Pay per click options are best done by a pro, especially when it means that you have to find the right combination of medium competition and low competition keyword placements.

Deliver Results

In the end, when you hire a professional to do the SEO work you need for your site, you will find that results will come through. They may not come through on day one, but in a matter of time you will see it. It’s that complexity that engages millions of people to follow through on link results within search engines. If you want to gain the #1 spot or you want to land within top 10, you will need to get a helping hand. Delivering results is a matter of fact for the professionals. If they can’t give you results, then they have failed as a business, which is a lot more pressure than you will have in the “DIY” circuits.